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ACTA Acting Up to Bring Hydrogen Technology to Market

A company called ACTA is acting out, but in a good way and will not be sent to its room for a timeout. What ACTA is doing is pulling out all stops in regard to bringing hydrogen power products to market.

In a recent announcement, ACTA said it will be using micro wind turbines and water to bring hydrogen generators inside one’s residence for home use, “The combined system is being developed for use in homes that are not connected to the electricity grid and for remote renewable energy storage applications. It will also act as a demonstrator for larger-scale peak energy shaving applications.

“Energy generated from a wind turbine will be used to produce hydrogen from water using Acta’s unique electrolysis technology. The pure, dry, compressed hydrogen can be stored and then used, on demand, to produce electricity through a mid-sized fuel cell. The Company believes that future applications will include distributed power microgeneration and storage, and ultimately that the system can be scaled up to utility-sized installations for use with commercial wind farms.” Also, these units could be used for home hydrogen fueling stations as well.”

But, putting a hydrogen generator the size of a refrigerator is not the only thing ACTA is acting upon. I’ve talked before about the ACTA hydrogen bike, the ACTA hydrogen fuel cell for outboard motorboats and ACTA hydrogen fuel injection systems for increasing gas mileage and reducing emissions.

The combined heat and power (CHP) system from ACTA is just their latest product offering in the field of hydrogen fuel and alternative energy. As ACTA brings more and diverse hydrogen energy products to market one will soon notice that they are becoming a major player within this market space. Unlike some emerging technology companies that start hot and fade away quickly, ACTA is beginning to see a profit from their line of hydrogen products.

ACTA is acting like a major player already, filling niches in the marketplace that other companies are failing to act upon. It is the pioneers of today who will be the mainstream businesses of the new energy tomorrow. And that day will come shortly.

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