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Will New York Be the Next Hydrogen State?

In the U. S., California leads other states with 29 hydrogen fueling stations in operation (but not all open to the public). According to the National Hydrogen Association website, New York state has only one operational hydrogen fueling station in White Plains with six more planned elsewhere around the state in the near future.

One of those planned is the hydrogen fueling station being built in Hempstead that is on Long Island, NY. The Point Lookout Hydrogen Station in Hempstead had a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday including the appearance of a Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell that is part of GM’s Project Driveway program.

After the hydrogen filling station is built this coming summer, this will give Project Driveway drivers one more option in where to fill up. The Hempstead hydrogen fueling station is a collaboration between New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the National Grid.

Air Products designed, built and will maintain the $2 million hydrogen station while the National Grid will actually own the station and take advantage of the tax credits for the first three years before handing it over to the Town of Hempstead.

The Hempstead hydrogen fueling station will dispense pure hydrogen, a hydrogen and compressed natural gas blend and straight CNG. According to National Grid, the hydrogen will be made onsite using electrolysis of water.

If the six planned hydrogen stations come to full fruition in New York, this will make the Empire State the second hydrogen highway center in the U. S. and the largest on the East Coast. And, reducing the smog in NYC may just give those irritable taxi drivers a whole new outlook on life.

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