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UK’s New Hydrogen Highway Includes Donald Trump’s Golf Course

UK Hydrogen HighwayOn August 24, 2009 I had talked about how London’s Major Boris Johnson had reversed his decision about bringing hydrogen autos to the foggy UK metropolis and has now decided to assemble 150 H2 vehicles and 6 refueling stations in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Now, northwards of London in Scotland’s Aberdeen area is the new Energetica plan which calls for a Hydrogen Highway system connecting the cities of Bridge of Don (just north of Aberdeen, Ellon and Peterhead.

This 30-mile corridor will not only host new alternative energy companies and the employees who work for these companies but will also host “The Donald’s” Trump International Golf Links and five-star luxury hotel.

According to , “The proposals for Energetica are truly exciting and Trump International Golf Links are delighted to be part of them … I am convinced it can become a sought-after place for people and businesses from around the world.”

Along this eastern coastline area, energy will be supplied by both traditional farms and wind farms. Hydrogen will be used to power autos, tractors, refrigeration plants and for standby power for fishing boats.

At some point one will also wonder whether this UK Hydrogen Highway will be extended southwards to connect to London, similar to what needs to happen to connect northern to southern California or southern California to Las Vegas, Nevada.

But, no matter. The UK Hydrogen Highway is a good start no matter how the starting points, ending points and middle points develop. Wind and hydrogen could be the perfect coupling for the British Isles in working towards a sustainable economy and energy independence.

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