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South Wales in the UK to Have Hydrogen Highway on the M4

On the west of the United Kingdom fuel cell vehicles may one day travel down the M4 Hydrogen Highway. This will be part of a larger renewable fueling infrastructure that is being built for alternative fuel autos in the area.

Wales has been designated a Low Carbon Economic Area (LCEA) for hydrogen fuel. The ministers of Wales say the M4 will become the UK’s longest hydrogen highway system when built.

This must means that it will be longer than the proposed north uk hydrogen highway system currently being planned in Scotland, which includes the cities of Aberdeen, Ellon and Peterhead.

It appears that Great Britain is taking its lead from California in regard to building out a hydrogen highway system. In California, the are an ample amount of hydrogen refueling stations in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas without much in-between connecting the two.

When the proposed northern and systems are build there won’t be any stations proposed right now connecting the country. Cities like Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow would all be key cities in which to build at least one hydrogen station in order for drivers to travel north and south.

The two separate proposed hydrogen highway systems in the UK are a good . But just the addition of  six hydrogen fueling stations in key cities could mean travel throughout most of the country would be possible. What do you say, UK, will you step up and make this happen?

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  1. admin

    Here’s some more info on the building of a hydrogen highway system along the M4 highway in South Wales.

    In South Wales, hydrogen stations will be built in the cities of Swansea, Cardiff and Newport.

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    Hi my mame is Steven, could you write my if the ITM Power fueling station
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    yes how is it posible many thanks:

    Regards : Steven

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    Hello Steven

    You’ll want to ITM Power directly for this information:

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