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East Coast Hydrogen Highway Planned by SunHydro

Two weeks ago Proton Energy Systems and SunHydro announced to build a public hydrogen fueling station in Wallingford, Connecticut. This week SunHydro announced the plans to an East Coast Hydrogen Highway system.

Presumably this would exclude other companies that build hydrogen fueling stations since 4 operational hydrogen fueling stations in New York, and 1 operational hydrogen fueling station in Washington DC is excluded from the plan they’ve .

The SunHydro East Coast Hydrogen Highway system is supposed to start in Portland, Maine and end in Miami, Florida. The other cities along the route include Braintree, MA, Wallingford, CT, S. Hackensack, NJ, Claymont, DE, Richmond, VA, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA and Orlando, FL.

The SunHydro fueling stations will be powered by solar energy and will create hydrogen by the electrolysis of water. This is much greener than some other H2 stations that reform natural gas to create hydrogen.

According to , the distance between Portland, ME and Miami, FL (not considering the locations of the H2 stations in-between) is 1610.72 miles. This would mean on average the 11 fueling stations would be 145 miles apart, well within the range of most hydrogen autos. I didn’t chart every leg of this journey so there will be some variation.

But, at least H2 autos like the Honda FCX Clarity with a range of 240 miles and the Toyota FCHV Adv with a range of well over 400 miles will have no problem with this route. Building an East Coast Hydrogen Highway system is well overdue. The West Coast has already taken a big lead in this arena. But, it’s good to see a company like SunHydro stepping up to make this happen.

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    Good News dude, i was very exiting to see this became live very soon, hope fully other companies also try to bring hydrogen fueling stations which could encourage the consumers to buy for hydrogen vehicles which could eliminate the pollution.

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    While this certainly is great news, in terms of the New Jersey/Pennsylvania portion it must be kept in mind that this attempted East Coast Hydrogen Highway is to be passing through an area where hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for natural gas from the Marcellus Shale Formation threatens to transform the state of Pennsylvania beyond all recognition, and the inevitability of offshore drilling coming to New Jersey with former Philadelphia Eagles’ lineman Jon Runyan recently elected to U.S. Congress there. The great advantage Runyan has in making his offshore drilling vision a reality is the fact that the way the New Jersey coastal region has been mismanaged over the past 20 years is undefendable. That is, it’s not a case where arguments can be made that switching to a hydrogen economy offers a better alternative.

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