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Cost of Hydrogen Gas Less Than Gasoline

One of the critics’ biggest arguments against moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen transportation system has been that the price of hydrogen gas is too high relative to gasoline.

Last month, I blogged about a new hydrogen fueling station that had opened up near Chicago, Illinois that was charging $3.49 per gallon equivalent for hydrogen gas. At the time, this was 10-cents cheaper than what I was paying in California.

Now, the Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded H2Gen with its “DOE Hydrogen Program R&D Award” for creating a low cost hydrogen generator. H2Gen’s HGM-10,000 meets the DOE target of reducing hydrogen gas prices to $2.50 per gallon equivalent by the year 2010.

As gasoline prices are expected to exceed $4 per gallon in some parts of the country this summer, this is welcome news for those who believe that hydrogen autos will not only be good for the environment but good for the pocketbook as well.

In January of this year, H2Gen delivered its HGM 2000 hydrogen generator to a ChevronTexaco station near the Orlando International Airport in Florida. This station will be used to fuel eight Ford E-450 hydrogen shuttle buses.

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  1. Avatar

    hydrogen gas and taxes

    The gov. started the lotto for money for school. Why not start building hydrogen gas plants (one up north, one in the south, n one out west. Then sell the gas to support our nation. They could lower the taxes and charge less for gas then anyone else, cause the plants would be built with tax payer money, who will also become the consumer. So, they wouldn’t have to figure the cost of builting the plant in the gas price, only figure operation cost. This would lower gas prices and work out in the long term. Beside, when the invester get the cost back they never lower the price and the gov. would be the same way. This could also be view is national security.

  2. admin

    Excellent idea! I was watching the TV show “Pawn Stars” and learned that even George Washington signed lottery tickets for public construction projects. Lottery tickets dedicated to a single project (not some general government fund) would do a lot IMHO to escalate the building of hydrogen infrastructure at a rapid pace.

  3. Avatar

    I am a Indian . I want to know the price of H2 gas.I am also intersted about H2 gas operated auto.

  4. admin

    The price depends on your location. In the U. S. in some places it is free right now, why in other places it may cost $8 / kg. In the U. S. and Germany there are a few lucky souls who get to test drive hydrogen autos right now if they live near a hydrogen fueling station. I don’t know about any similar programs in India.

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