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Hydrogen Company to Deliver $1 Million Scholarship Program to HS Seniors

Industry leader Proton Energy Systems will be working with the (the charitable arm of the National Hydrogen Association) to deliver $1 million total in scholarships to high school seniors who pursue higher education in science or technology.

I’ve talked about Proton Energy Systems before as one of the world leaders in building hydrogen generators for the scientific community as well as H2 refueling stations. Proton currently has about a dozen hydrogen fueling stations operating throughout the United States.

The Proton Energy Scholarship program will make its to students based on “…academic performance, strength of application, commitment to further education in a science or technology related field, financial need and demonstrated leadership, work ethic and community involvement.” Applications are due by Feb. 10, 2010.

According to Jeffrey Serfass, President of the Hydrogen Education Foundation, “We are thrilled that Proton chose the Hydrogen Education Foundation to administer this exciting new program. We look forward to identifying and awarding star students who will help us address the global energy and environmental challenges ahead.”

More rules and news can be found at the website including questions and answers and how to apply. The high school seniors of today will be the chemists and engineers of tomorrow solving the complexities of building a hydrogen infrastructure for autos. So it’s good to see the business community step up and put money towards education in this kind of transformational technology.



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