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Eco Trek Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell Team Up for Green Tour

Mercedes F-CellHere’s an interesting little tidbit being announced today, “CCM News has developed one of the first ever, syndicated video news magazines Eco Trek dedicated to exposing the coolest, sustainable energy stories from around the world. Empowered by Mercedes-Benz, Eco Trek producers will circle the globe in 125 days in three of Mercedes-Benz’s emission free B Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles. While en route through four continents, Eco Trek will document 100 of the most interesting, relevant, and compelling green stories to be featured on the show.”

Here’s a video explaining how the Mercedes B-class F-cell fuel cell vehicle will be used in order to get the green message out on four different continents.

I was so excited by the news I decided to conducts a short interview with Anthony English Flores, Account Executive for CCM News:

HydroKevin (HK): What are the 4 continents that the F-Cell will travel to?
Anthony English Flores (AEF): Along the tour route, the vehicles will travel through Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.
HK: How will the F-Cell be refueled during its travels (stationary hydrogen stations, mobile stations or …)?
AEF: The F-Cell will be refueled by a mobile refueling station that will travel with the vehicles during the tour.
HK: Who will the drivers be for the F-Cell?
AEF: The drivers for the tour include but are not limited to Mercedes Benz drivers and journalists joining the tour at different locations.
HK: Besides driving the F-Cell to different locations, how else will hydrogen technology be featured?
AEF: We will feature examples of Hydrogen technology and mobility along the tour. We are currently involved in an extensive process of researching the most relevant Hydrogen stories along the tour route.

So, as you can see the Mercedes fuel cell vehicle will be an integral part of every show. Viewers will not only receive information about solar panels, wind turbines and other forms of green energy, but they will also receive the constant message that hydrogen autos are the future of the transportation industry. This ecologically friendly trek will bring “green to your screen” as they like to say.

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    Looks really cool. I’m glad a luxury brand like Mercedes is recognizing the importance of hydrogen/green tech and developing an interesting platform to promote it.

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    Here’s some more info about this trek:

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