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Roads2HyCom Roadmap Outlined in Workshop

Roads2HyCom is a European funded project set up to outline a roadmap for a future hydrogen transportation system. Besides fostering research and development projects, Roads2HyCom is also interested in promoting public awareness about hydrogen.

According to Roads2HyCom, “The EU-funded project Roads2HyCom is trying to address these issues. It assesses and monitors Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies, and supports the Commission and stakeholders in planning future research activities. By this it is creating an up-to-day overview of available technologies, hydrogen infrastructures, and pathways to sustainable community projects.

This workshop aims at region and community leaders who would like to gain deeper insight into the viability of hydrogen demonstration projects and their value in regional development. It offers presentations on the European policy framework for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, on financing mechanisms and the intricacies to be considered when setting up a demonstration project. It will introduce the ‘Communities Handbook’ the project is preparing and use this as a guidance tool during the event.”

The workshop on how to set up hydrogen demonstration projects is set for October 9, in Brussels. By promoting public awareness of hydrogen, Roads2HyCom aims towards tearing down one of largest hurdles when facing the impending hydrogen economy, which is public resistance.

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