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Iceland SMART-H2 Project Moving Forward

The SMART-H2 (Sustainable Marine and Road Transport, Hydrogen in Iceland) is moving forward in the next phase of the project. Iceland has previously declared its goal of becoming the world’s first hydrogen society.

Currently, several hydrogen buses and autos are running in Reykjavik and refuelling at a Shell Hydrogen station. SMART-H2 aims to bring more autos, buses and even a fuel cell powered watch watching ship into the project.

Towards this end, Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies will be building and delivering 10 hydrogen-powered Toyota Priuses to VistOrka for the project. Iceland has an advantage over many other countries in that it has the means to generate power by renewable methods.

Currently, Iceland produces most of its energy through geothermal and hydroelectric means. Hydrogen will also be produced with these renewable methods. Only 20 refueling stations will be needed to supply hydrogen fuel for the whole country, making Iceland the ideal test lab for the rest of the world.

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