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Hydrogen Restaurants Developed in Nevada

Now, you can get anything you want at the hydrogen restaurant, excepting Alice, or so the Arlo Guthrie song goes. But, what is true is that a large oil company Xynergy Corporation has announced that they will be building eateries all over Nevada powered by hydrogen.

The hydrogen restaurants will be either partially-owned or wholly-owned by Xynergy and will feature hydrogen-splitting generators to provide off grid power. This proprietary coupled with the green themes of the diners will appeal to hungry environmentalists.

The hydrogen generators will use either fresh or salt water and will reduce the power bills of the restaurants by 70 – 80 percent according to projections. A business subsidiary is expected to be formed in the near future and the Flagship Restaurant Opening will occur sometime in mid-summer 2008.

Now the question I have is will this food be eco and waistline friendly as well or serve as fodder for another Super Size Me documentary? I can’t wait to pull into one of these restaurants with solar panels on the roof and order up a nice six dollar hydrogen burger with a size order of oxygenated fries. Mmmm, Mmmm, good.

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