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Hydrogen Island Video Shows Possibilities

In April, I had blogged about Yakushima Island located off the south end of Japan and how there were plans underfoot to use the natural resources to create a “hydrogen island”. While doing a little hydrogen auto research, I came across a video about how Honda has been doing feasibility studies on this island with its FCX hydrogen auto.

The Honda FCX has a diagram on the side explaining the flow of energy through the vehicle. Honda has been testing the FCX on the island for two years testing the use of the vehicle in real world conditions. Not to worry, though, as no monkeys on the island were hurt when testing this vehicle.

Honda has taken great strides to make sure its hydrogen auto is safe. For instance, crash tests indicate that the FCX will not blow up on like the Hindenburg as some have feared. While refueling, there is a cable that needs to be attached first to the auto in order to eliminate any static electricity that may have accrued.

Check out the 8 minute Yakushima Island video for a test drive of the Honda FCX around what may become one of the world’s first hydrogen islands.

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