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Hydrogen Inventors Get Their Own App

Well, it’s about time, really. Applications makers have invented apps for all kinds of things like opening your garage door, starting your auto and even giving you free on-demand GPS while you’re in the auto. Now, a team of companies has gone one step further by developing an app for inventors who want to work on solving the issues surrounding hydrogen autos and infrastructure.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, MIT Fab Labs and Arcola Energy have teamed up to develop and distribute a potentially game-changing app to not only develop hydrogen autos and infrastructure, but also hydrogen-powered robots, laptops, cameras, cell-phones, lighting systems and lawnmowers.

According to Horizon, “Horizon, Arcola and Fab Labs saw this as an opportunity to accelerate a viral and creative movement with hydrogen at its core. Their plan is to reach out to amateur inventors everywhere to help prototype, build and bring to market new fuel cell powered solutions. ‘The H2MDKTM open-source tool kit will add to Horizon’s existing product innovation capability, that of millions of amateurs working to solve their own particular challenges’, said Dr Ben Todd, Founder at Arcola Energy (UK).”

According to Taras Wankewycz, co-founder of Horizon, “We noticed that some of our products were being disassembled and ‘hacked’ by garage inventors exploring all kinds of ideas, then sharing their creations virally. So we decided to build a commercial product platform created for the people, and by the people.”

According to Carlos Uranga, co-founder of Fab Lab Store, “By combining open source hardware together with Fab Lab’s distributed fabrication and rapid-prototyping concept, we have created a socially-accelerated pathway towards clean energy innovation. We hope to enable a people-driven, grassroots implementation of zero autobon solutions across the globe. Starting with low power products and hydrogen fuel infrastructure solutions such as those developed by Horizon, we hope to further catalyze the creation of a hydrogen-based economy from the ground up.”

So there you have it. Open source apps and toolkits for inventors will be very helpful in moving this world towards a zero emissions, hydrogen economy. This is especially true when you put the power in the hands of ordinary people worldwide.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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    how come you havent told a storyon this new hydrino concept .

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    Michael Robinson

    Why wait till he is up for reelection to give hydrogen a chance? It is an election year, look at what he has done the past four years and not at what his stance is now. I seriously doubt if Obama is reelected that he will embrace hydrogen.

  3. admin

    Do you have a link to what you are referring to?

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    I hate that one too. I get all excited and then I rbemmeer I can’t buy it.Honda should put out a flying auto commercial just to make a point.

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