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Hydrogen House at Florida State University Goes Off-Grid

Florida State University () is building the state’s first Off-Grid Zero Emission Building (OGZEB) under the guidance of professor Anjaneyulu Krothapalli, other faculty and graduate students. The hydrogen-solar house will create electricity by day using solar panels and at night, the house will be powered by hydrogen, created by using the excess of solar power during the daytime to electrolyze water.

The materials used in constructing the building will all be recyclable, making this a very green house indeed. The project is expected to cost $200,000.

The FSU hydrogen-solar house will join several others across the nation as the first in the country to be completely sustainable using both solar and hydrogen power. The FSU house will join the homes of Mike Striski in East Amwell, New Jersey, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Kings Point, New York, Bryan Beaulieu in Scottsdale, Arizona and Robert Plarr’s Angel’s Nest in Taos, New Mexico. These residences contain home hydrogen generators to power the houses at night and in the winter time and serve as a model of how either solar or wind energy may be paired with hydrogen power as a sustainable source of zero-emission energy.

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