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High Hopes for Hilton Hydrogen Hotel

The Hilton Hotel in New York City has installed a UTC Power PureCell Model 200 fuel cell system to power the powerful powerhouse of a 1,980-room property. The Hilton Hotel is using the fuel cell as part of its combined heat and power (CHP) program, which is three times more efficient that using electricity from the grid and provides security in case of a power outage.

Hilton New York has embraced the new eco-technology as part of its own green program and to help with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to reduced pollution within America’s largest city. The Hilton hydrogen hotel is part of a growing movement in America for companies to become autobon neutral to show off their corporate citizenry.

The UTC fuel cell at the Hilton New York weighs 40,000 lbs. and will reduced pollution by the equivalent of taking 145 autos off the road each year.

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