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BlackLight Power Sells Hydrogen Power to 6th Utility Company

BlackLight PowerA couple of weeks ago I talked about New Mexico building a hydrogen power plant where solar and wind energy would be used to split water and the resulting hydrogen would be used to burn and turn a gas turbine, creating electricity.

Now, a company called BlackLight Power (BLP) has signed a deal with Akridge Energy based out of Maryland to do its own spin on supplying 400 MW of continuous power using hydrogen. Besides Maryland, Akridge will also use the electricity to power part of Virginia and Washington DC as well.

BlackLight Power is currently selling its technology to 5 other utility companies producing 7,600 MW which is enough to power approximately 985,000 customers.

Here is what BlackLight Power has to say about its process, “… energy is released as the electrons of hydrogen atoms are induced by a catalyst to transition to lower-energy levels (i.e. drop to lower base orbits around each atom’s nucleus) corresponding to fractional quantum numbers. The lower-energy atomic hydrogen product called ‘hydrino’ reacts with another reactant supplied to the reaction cell to form a hydride ion bound to the other reactant to constitute a novel proprietary compound, or two hydrinos react to form a very stable hydrogen-type molecule called a dihydrino molecule.

“As hydrogen atoms and catalyst atoms are normally found bound together as molecules or are bound in other compositions of matter, BlackLight has invented a solid fuel that uses conventional chemical reactions to generate the catalyst and atomic hydrogen at high reactant densities that in turn controllably achieves very high power densities. The catalyst causes the hydrogen atoms to transition to lower-energy states by allowing their electrons to fall to smaller radii around the nucleus with a release of energy that is intermediate between chemical and nuclear energies.”

The only consumable product from this reaction is hydrogen from water so apparently there is some “waste” oxygen from this process. The other chemical catalysts used in the Blacklight Process are recycled making this a very green power producing plant that is now attracting much attention from other utility companies nationwide.

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