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Aberdeen Scotland Ups Plans for Hydrogen City

Over the past 6 years I’ve spoken half a dozen times about Aberdeen, Scotland and its plans to become a hydrogen hub for autos, buses and energy. Now, Aberdeen is making news again as it ups its game in regard to hydrogen.

According to the , “A Hydrogen Economy for Aberdeen City Region is a strategy framework to reinforce the area’s position as the energy city now and in the future. With the transferable oil and gas expertise and infrastructure that the area has, along with renewables capacity, hydrogen offers an exciting opportunity to develop and diversify the energy industry, maximise the capacity and value of renewable energy and give greater energy security …

“…The strategy framework presents a platform for the city to step from the £20-million Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project, which will bring Europe’s largest fleet of fuel cell buses to the region next year, to other ambitious hydrogen projects. This will accelerate the development of the renewable energy sector, while offering real opportunities for economic development, reducing emissions, and leading a low autobon economy … A Hydrogen Economy for Aberdeen City Region is being developed in parallel with a European strategy for a hydrogen transport economy for the North Sea Region (HyTrEc), working in partnership with German, Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian, and UK experts.”

So, there you have it. Aberdeen plans on being a green, mean, hydrogen machine if their city council has anything to say about it.


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