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Is This Hydrogen Speedboat a Fake?

In December 2011 I asked whether or not this purported hydrogen boat was a hoax or not. And now it’s time to ask the same question again.

You see, is part of the prestigious Cannes Boat Show this year and its builders are making the claim once again that the boat only uses seawater for fuel. According to the builders the $325,000 boat, which has a shower and toilet, has a hydrogen generator that directly turns seawater into H2 gas and feeds it into the 500 hp internal combustion engine.

According to , “While the manufacturer is quick to point out that the vessel has no on-board conventional fuel tank, it has not elaborated on exactly how the MIG 675’s hydrogen system works. As such, it remains unclear whether it can run indefinitely on seawater or if supplementary fuels are needed to power the hydrogen production …

“…At the time, Coxworth highlighted that the Quimperlé-based boat builder had not responded to his request for more detailed information other than explaining on its website that instead of autorying pressurized hydrogen tanks, the MIG 675 reportedly produces its own fuel, using an on-board generator that harvests hydrogen from the surrounding seawater. The hydrogen generator also powers all the on-board electrical devices, which include an electric anchor roller, a 10-inch touchscreen controller, GPS, depth finder, rear-view camera, an Alpine audio system, a bar fridge with an electric retractable table, and an LED navigation lighting system.”

So, basically the company is not offering any proof that their boat does what they say it does. And of course they should since this would be the first in the world of its kind. And you would think they would want to take full credit for this technological marvel.

So, my opinion is that this is likely a fake. This is the nautical version of the mythical landlubber’s “water auto” which has yet to be proven. But, then again today is “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”, so these scurvy dogs may just be pulling a fast one over on me and thee. Aaaaargh!

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    “it remains unclear whether it can run indefinitely on seawater or if supplementary fuels are needed to power the hydrogen production – ”

    No, it is clear that it cannot run indefinitely on seawater

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