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Pragma Industries to Rollout 1st Commercial Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bikes

Pragma Industries are gearing up to rollout what they claim to be the first commercial hydrogen fuel cell bikes. They will be rolling out 100 Pragma Alpha fuel cell bikes in 2016 in France.

According to the Telegraph, “The world’s first commercial electric bike running on hydrogen with only pure water as waste, so its makers claim, has been unveiled in France – and already snapped up by the country’s post office. It takes five minutes to charge and has a battery life of 100 kilometres (62 miles) and its Gallic makers claim it is a ‘world first’.

“The Alpha bike, which hides its hydrogen batteries in its frame, leaves an almost neutral autobon footprint, its designers at Pragma Industries in Bidart, near Biarritz, southwestern France insist.”

The claim of being the first may very well be true. I’ve blogged about hydrogen fuel cell bikes in the past and the only FCEV bicycles I can find are prototypes.

The pictures above on this page are from the Pragma Industries Facebook page. Besides being a clean ride the Alpha looks like it can be a bit of fun as well!




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