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Two New Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles Spied in California

Two new Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicles have been spied in different parts of California this week. The first report was by Mike Magrath, a Features Editor at

Mr. Magrath tweeted two spy shots he took of the in Southern California as he was needing help in identifying the vehicle. Soon after Twitter lit up with answers that this was the newest iteration of fuel cell vehicle by Toyota. This sedan had a black body and the windows were not tinted.

A couple of days later in the San Francisco Bay area, another new Toyota fuel cell vehicle was spotted. The silver Toyota FCV with heavily tinted windows was spotted by USA Today writer, Marco della Cava.

Mr. della Cava noted that the windows were blacked out not the keep the sun out but to keep people from looking inside and noticing the interior of Toyota’s .

The vehicle was parked near the AT&T Park baseball stadium. One notable feature of the vehicle is that the driver is given the option to store the waste water inside of a storage tank inside the vehicle.

As Captain Obvious may say, this has been a good week for FCV spy shots in California.


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