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State Farm to Insure Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicles

The rollout of the 2015 Hyundai ix35 Tucson Fuel Cell SUV in the U. S. has been delayed until late May 2014 and this will give the manufacturer extra times to find additional insurance autoriers for their vehicle. At this moment, however, State Farm Insurance is the first autorier that has agreed to issue policies to cover the drivers of the Hyundai fuel cell vehicles.

This simplifies the process greatly as insurance companies, in general, are not required to cover all makes and models of vehicles and so customers won’t have to search dozens of autoriers for the right coverage. Hyundai has stated that up to 100 ix35 fuel cell vehicles will roll out in Southern California by the end of 2014.

The ix35 Tucson Fuel Cell is being offered for a three year lease with a $2,999 down payment and $499 per month. This deal includes free hydrogen fuel and maintenance for the term of the lease.

According to , “The transaction at the dealership will be handled similar to any other lease deal with two exceptions: Buyers will be selected and prescreened by Hyundai before they enter the dealership, and auto insurance will be limited to the companies approved by the automaker.

“Initially, sales will be limited to three Hyundai dealers in the Los Angeles area where six refueling stations are located. Next year sales will be expanded to the San Francisco area, followed by Sacramento and San Diego in 2016. Sales will not begin until the hydrogen-refueling network is completed in those geographic areas.”


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