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Ronn Motors Scorpion Eco-Exotic Gets Publisher’s Choice Award

Ronn Motors ScorpionThe eco exotic Scorpion superauto from Ronn Motors in Horseshoe Bay, Texas has received the duPont REGISTRY “Publishers Choice” award. The duPont REGISTRY is a premiere luxury marketplace for autos, homes and boats, catering mostly to the rich and famous.

According to founder and publisher Tom duPont, “When deciding on the ‘Publisher’s Choice’ vehicle, we often look for a auto that symbolizes where the luxury and exotic market is headed. The Scorpion provides environmentally-conscious consumers with a auto that has the stand out design and performance of an exotic auto, but keeps autobon footprints at a minimum.”

The Ronn Scorpion is the first auto company to use hydrogen on demand technology as a standard feature on its automobiles. Current estimates are that the Scorpion that can blaze a trail from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds can also get 40 mpg highway. The exotic eco auto is powered primarily by gasoline and uses the electrolysis of water to create hydrogen to supplement the fuel inside the cylinders.

I had talked previously about the Ronn Scorpion in early June this year and about how 190 limited edition vehicles were to start rolling out this Fall. The numbers have now been increased to 200 vehicles and the timeframe pushed back a bit to January 2009.

In recent months, aftermarket hydrogen generators for autos have been storming the marketplace. Drivers have been adding hydrogen generators to their vehicles in order to save on gas mileage and reduce emissions.

But, the Ronn Scorpion is the first auto to offer this technology as standard so one can expect several other auto companies, to take the hint that green is good and quickly follow suit. In other words, there is green to be made by going green. And, hydrogen on demand technology can be implemented upon most vehicles right now.

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    I purchased and had the Hydrorunner G3 installed and it did not work on my 05 Avalanche. I also drove the very same F150 that Hydrorunner claims got 84% better gas mileage and here’s what I observed….The on-baord computer indicated that the mpg was twice the actual mpg (determined by dividing the miles driven by the fuel used). Over approx 700 miles (all highway) the Hyrdrorunner F150 actually got 14mpg and the on-board computer said the average was 28mpg. Was the on-board comuter re-programmed?
    I’m willing to bet that if the Ronn Scorpion ever does get 40mpg it won’t be due to having a Hydrorunner installed. If Ronn Motors doesn’t dump Hydrorunner entirely I would be very suprised.

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