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Peugeot H2Origin Fuel Cell Van Unveiled

H2OriginThe Peugeot Citreon H2Origin hydrogen fuel cell hybrid delivery van has been unveiled in the UK. The H2Origin is a joint collaboration between Peugeot and Intelligent Energy, a British company that makes fuel cells.

So, that I don’t recreate the wheel here (or the fuel cell), I’ve already posted a more in-depth review of the Peugeot H2Origin on the main website. One of the most important new features of the H2Origin is the fact that the compressed hydrogen tanks can quickly and easily be swapped out.

This will be important in the UK where they currently have only one hydrogen fueling station that is operational and this has just come online as of last week. The H2Origin tanks can be refilled at any number of places, not just where the only stationary fueling station in the country resides.

The H2Origin is one of several hydrogen vehicles rolled out by Peugeot in recent years. In addition, Intelligent Energy, better known for its ENV fuel cell motorcycles is still working with Suzuki to mass market the world’s first hydrogen motorcycle.

The Peugeot H2Origin may not be as sexy as some models of hydrogen auto prototypes that have been unveiled in the past few years. But, what it is, is another step towards a cleaner and green future, and that can’t be all bad, now can it?

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