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Nissan Launching Production H2 Fuel Cell Vehicle in 3 Years

Nissan has made the announcement that it plans to launch its first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle within the next 3 or so years. The launch will happen in Japan and North America first.

Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga said at a press conference in Tokyo that the launch of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles was part of the company’s overall “Nissan Green Program 2010”, which will include not only fuel cell vehicles but hybrids and cleaner burning gasoline engines as well. In addition, by 2008, Nissan will have a bioethanol model ready to ship to the Brazilian market for the 2009 selling season.

The Nissan X-Trail FCV is the hydrogen concept vehicle that Nissan has been showcasing for the past 4 years. The 2005 X-Trail FCV is able to accelerate up to 90 mph with a range of over 300 miles before refueling. By the time Nissan’s production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rolls out in 2010, it will most likely contain one or two more generations of fuel cell technology to power it.

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