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New Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell Launched

Mercedes GLC F-Cell

For the first time in their history, Mercedes-Benz has handed over their first ever GLC F-CELL vehicles to members of the German auto market. This new vehicle makes use of fuel cells and plug-in battery drives. With this latest release using plug-in technology to charge the vehicle, too, this is a very interesting step into a new and exciting industry for Mercedes.

Indeed, this latest release will come alongside some other green innovations. This will also see numerous ministries, including the National Organization Hydrogen and H2 Mobility to become the first users of this new technology. Another user of the new technology will be Deutsche Bahn, the German railway group.

Over time, the likes of Shell, Linde AG and Air Liquide will also get in on this opportunity along with the cities of Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Come Spring 2019, more businesses and private users will have the chance to get involved with the new commercial fuel cell technology. This will be available via the Mercedes-Benz Rent system, allowing you to rent one of the autos from the seven new MBR locations set to open up across the country.

This will provide options for both short-term and long-term rentals. The system will help to deliver high quality driving dynamics as well as improve the output of the auto significantly. If you have been looking for an easy way to see how Mercedes-Benz intends to come into the growing green industry, the GLC F-CELL is currently their flagship offering.

With four operating modes, too – Hybrid, F-Cell, Battery, and Charge – you will be able to manage and conserve energy properly. Indeed, it is designed so that it can build up energy during both braking and coasting, ensuring that your battery can be remain full during commutes.

With the ability to draw from one or both power sources, it’s great for those who wish to manage everything from shorter journeys with plenty of stops to longer, non-stop journeys affordably. For Mercedes, this represents a very important step forward in their development of viable green fuel cell technology.




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