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Mazda Nagare Dream Machine Could Be Hydrogen-Powered

On November 29, 2006 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Mazda Nagare concept vehicle was rolled out for waiting eyes. Mazda says their futuristic dream machine could be powered by hydrogen much like the Mazda RX-8 Renesis already uses its advanced rotary engine to run on either gasoline or compressed hydrogen.

The four-seat Mazda Nagare, pronounced “na-ga-reh” is Mazda’s latest attempt to define Zoom-Zoom design that may be common for the year 2020. The challenge of the Mazda Nagare, which means flow and embodiment of motion, was to capture this spirit of motion in a concept vehicle.

Apart from the sleek design and exceptional visibility one of the most defining features of the Mazda Nagare is the double-length doors that hinge upwards in butterfly style. By combining futuristic design with futuristic hydrogen technology, Mazda is sure to win over many fans in the next several years with their forward-thinking approach.

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