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Lexus LS Fuel Cell Limousine in the Works for 2017

In late 2014, Toyota unveiled its production fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. Now there is a fairly credible rumor floating that the auto company will also unveil its luxury Lexus LS Fuel Cell Limousine in 2017.

According to , “Like the Mirai, the LS FCEV will employ the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS), but it will be reconfigured for retro-fitment within the LS’s conventional layout.

“According to one source, the LS’s nose section will be redesigned with larger air intakes to ventilate the hydrogen powered electric system. The auto will incorporate a fuel-cell unit under the front seat, a hydrogen tank under the rear seat and another tank under the rear parcel shelf.

“Tipping the scales at around 2100kg (at least 200kg less than the existing LS hybrids), the LS FCEV will incorporate a power unit combining a 150kW fuel-cell stack and a powerful 220kW electric motor to deliver a potential emissions-free driving range of 384km.”

Presumably priced at over $100,000 including subsidies, the Lexus LS Fuel Cell Limousine will most likely be produced in small numbers. It also may be a desirable solution for the Hollywood elite and business executives who would like to make a statement about the merits of going green.


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