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Hyundai Mobis Creating Tucson ix35 FCEV Parts

Last week I talked about Hyundai rolling its first ix35 FCEV off the assembly line in Ulsan, Korea. The fuel cell vehicle that rolled off was one of 17 fleet vehicles slated for shipment to the City of Copenhagen, Denmark or Skåne, Sweden.

Now, that the first few ix35 FCEV’s are rolling off the line, it makes sense that their parts manufacturer is also ramping up production. Hyundai Mobis has now officially started to mass produce parts for the ix35 FCEV.

According to , “Hyundai Mobis Co., South Korea’s top auto parts maker, said Wednesday it started the mass production of key parts for hydrogen-powered autos for the first time in the world.

“Hyundai Mobis said it started the production of driving motors, lithium-ion auto batteries and other parts for the Tucson ix sport utility vehicle, a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) model manufactured by Hyundai Motor Co.”

A few years ago naysayers said this would never happen. The naysayers said hydrogen autos would never be mass produced nor would the parts for them be mass produced. Once again the voices of the naysayers fade away as progress marches on.


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    Michael Schulze

    He who doubts this technology works, must work for a petrolium company. It doesnt surprise me that an Asian country has gone first again with technology we all end up depending on. Congrats to Hyundai. Not only did they produce a great automobile product but have taken it to the next step before any other manufacturer.

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