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Honda to Unveil 3rd Generation FCX at L. A. Auto Show

According to Inside Line, Honda will be unveiling its third generation fuel cell in its 2006 model FCX hydrogen auto at the L. A. Auto Show, December 1, 2006 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This brings the Honda FCX closer to the production-ready model that Honda says will be available in 3 years.

Honda has also announced a software upgrade for the older model FCXs that extends their driving range to 210 miles. The software utilizes better use of storage capacity increasing the range, according to Honda. The 2006 Honda FCX, however, will have a new technically advanced storage tank that will extend the range of the FCX to 350 miles.

In addition, the 2006 Honda FCX boasts a new Satellite-Linked Navigation System not present in the 2005 model. This navigation system contains a database filled with all of the present hydrogen fueling station locations in the U. S., which will come in handy especially for those presently driving inside of California that has 23 stations at present.

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