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Hats Off to Honda FCX Clarity & ASIMO Robot at 2009 Rose Parade

Honda ClarityFor the first time ever a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will be the pace auto in this year’s 2009 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. One can expect the 49-foot ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) humanoid replica robot, however, to upstage the Honda FCX Clarity in the float called “Hats Off in Celebration”.

To get a sneak preview of the robot straight from the Pasadena staging area, you can check out this video. This will be the 120th Rose Parade and Honda will be celebrating its 50th year in U. S. operations. The Honda Super Cub motorcycle will also accompany the Clarity in the procession, another first in the U. S. marketplace.

While is will be easy to Ooh and Ah over the robot performing its larger than life hat tricks, for hydrogen auto lovers it’s important to remember that this is a venue for millions of viewers to get a glimpse of the of hydrogen transportation. What is remarkable about the Honda Clarity is that it will unremarkably blend in as a normal part of the Rose Parade procession.

It will not be adorned with flowers, seeds and animated parts, but what it will be doing is leading the clean, green revolution of future transportation right before the public eye. And, that indeed is worth a “hat’s off” acknowledgment to the innovative automaker.

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