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GM HydroGen4 Offers Roadside Assistance in Germany

GM HydroGen4 GermanyFrom Project Driveway to “Project Roadway” General Motors has decided to help out the citizens of Germany with roadside assistance services. The GM / Opel HydroGen4 will be a part of Germany’s ADAC automobile club, (comparable to the AAA in the U. S.).

The announcement was made on February 3, 2009, or the “Day of the Yellow Angel,” an annual meeting between ADAC and General Motors (and thus the yellow color on the vehicle). The HydroGen4 will be the first fuel cell powered roadside assistance vehicle in Germany.

The GM / Opel hydrogen minivan will operate in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. The vehicle will be equipped with GPS tracking, the usual tools to help out stranded motorists. The HydroGen4 will also be equipped with computerized systems to transmit data back to engineers in regard to the performance of the vehicle under these rather rigorous real life conditions.

On January 27, 2009, GM announced six new drivers in the U. S. under its Project Driveway program. So far, it looks like the economic downturn and automotive bailout have had little impact on GM’ hydrogen vehicle program.

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