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Formula Zero Greenchoice Forze Hydrogen Race Kart Unveiled

Greenchoice ForzeSince 2006, I’ve been talking about the Formula Zero (zero emissions) racing events. Yesterday Ho-Pin Tung, a Formula 1 raceauto driver unveiled the newest Formula One racing vehicle from the Netherlands Delft University of Technology called the “Greenchoice Forze”.

The 2010 Formula Zero hydrogen racing championship is set to run on August 19, 2010 in The Hague, Netherlands. A special racetrack will be built for the event with Mr. Ho-Pin Tung showing off both the power and speed of the vehicle. From flat-out standing start breakaways to doing donuts on the track the performance is expected to be so impressive that every child will be asking their parents to buy one for them.

The Greenchoice Forze has a 0 – 60mph speed of just underneath 5 seconds with a top speed limited to 75 mph. The onboard fuel cell powers two electric motors which independently power each rear wheel giving the kart more robust turning capabilities. Regenerative braking is used to recapture energy for the vehicle.

Teams from the USA, Belgium and Spain will also be participating at this event. Rumor has it that a soccer ball or two may be present for the drivers and crew during “relax time”.

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    I heard Nissan is possibly looking into hydrogen auto production.

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    Michael C. Robinson

    Interesting that this isn’t making the mainstream news if the U.S. is participating. With these vehicles being produced by Universities, does that mean that the
    cost of producing a fuel cell vehicle is dropping?

    How about the technology that Plasma Kinetics is trying to pioneer, is that finding it’s way into any fuel cell vehicles yet? I envision trucks autorying charged magnesium hydride disks or local production of hydrogen via RET technology taking the fore.

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