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Cherry-Red Hydrogen Mustang Boosts Gas Mileage

There is a cherry-red that has been making the rounds that is equipped with a hydrogen injection system that helps the auto burn fuel more efficiently and boost gas mileage. The invention of this hydrogen injection system is Larocque, Jean-Louis who holds the for this invention.

The system works by electrolyzing a chamber filled with water and creating hydrogen and oxygen, which will then find their way into the Mustang’s internal combustion engine. This hydrogen Mustang automobile uses a saltwater solution for the source of the electrolysis.

The objectives of this hydrogen-oxygen injection device is to reduce tailpipe emissions coming from the vehicle and increase gas mileage, thereby decreasing gasoline consumption for automobiles with internal combustion engines. An added benefit of this invention is to increase traveling range for vehicles equipped with this device.

Imagine now if all vehicles in the U. S. were equipped with similar devices that would reduce gasoline consumption by 30-percent, what a bite this would take out of the foreign oil market. Perhaps one day even, the major automotive manufacturers will integrate similar devices into their vehicles as standard equipment, on say their plug-in hybrid vehicles. Now, those would be stingy little gas-sippers, now wouldn’t they?

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