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Hydrail Hub May Happen in Turkey

I’ve talked about hydrail (hydrogen railway trains) quite a bit in the past. And now it’s time to revisit Turkey as a possible hub for hydrail in Europe.

Some of the why according to Herbert Wancura, chief executive of a Spanish energy consulting firm, are “For a hydrail industry, Turkey has all the elements of what we call the dynamic diamond model … Turkey is a transition economy. It has a vibrant entrepreneurial culture, a good scientific base, very good steel and engine manufacturing industries and a good rail electrification system already in place.” He goes onto say that Turkey has “… a will from the political elite for success stories.”

Besides Turkey, Japan and the U. S. are already leading in the charge for hydrogen-powered trains. Turkey though could be the dark horse of the race since it seems that the political backing is in place which is more than half the battle in most countries.

Hydrogen trains have a huge advantage over the rollout of hydrogen autos in that a minimal infrastructure will be needed in order to rollout hydrail. Hydrogen powered forklifts, scooters and buses are all a step in the right direction. Hydrail is such another important step in advancing a clean nationwide transportation system based upon renewable and sustainable home-grown energy.

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    Thanks, Kevin, for acknowledging Türkiye’s hydrail initiative and the UN’s* role in it ().

    Now that Caterpillar Corporation has a railroad and locomotive manufacturing arm, I’d like to see hydrail create a new, Green, US hydrogen rail industry here at home too. It’s one thing the Democrats and Republicans should be able to agree on.


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    Love this it is great.

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    At best, it could be an energy-autorier; and that would be a very poor choice for such.

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