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China Develops Hydrail w/ Magnetic Motor

On November 16 2010 I had talked about a hydrail hub being developed in Turkey. And over the years I have talked about hydrail (hydrogen powered railway trains) being developed in the U. S., Japan and Spain.

Now China is getting onboard with light rail hydrogen fuel cell powered trains that deliver electricity to their cutting edge permanent-magnet synchronous motor system. The researchers at China North Vehicle Yongji Electric Motor Corporation and the Southwest Jiaotong University developed this light rain vehicle to help urban commuters with travel within the big cities.

According to China Business News, “The permanent-magnet synchronous motor adopted by the China’s first new energy fuel cell light rail locomotive has advantages, such as high power, high efficiency, remarkable energy conservation and low vibration and noise.”

As I’ve stated before, China is the sleeping giant when it comes to alternative energy and fuel development. Chinese companies and universities have been working on fuel cell vehicles for years. Only recently has a trickle of information come out from this media shy regime.

The U. S., Japan and Europe had better take note that China may be further along the FCV development path than anyone now realizes.

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    What American company helped do this.

    The U. S., Japan and Europe had better take note that China may be further along the FCV development path than anyone now realizes.

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    nice one, really china is giant in the terms of fuel technology.
    i think china is going ahead in the field of technology.

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    Here’s a link sent in by Stan Thompson that’s worth a read:

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    Here’s some more info and photos about this development:

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    Top-notch information indeed. My boss has been searching for this update on hydrail.

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