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Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

On March 10, 2016, Honda began selling the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell in Japan. The Clarity Fuel Cell is Honda’s latest offering in the world of fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) and is the first auto that houses its entire drivetrain system and fuel cell stack under the hood. Because of this, it can offer a full five-seating system ensuring that the driver and the passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride. The Clarity Fuel Cell is said to be a strong rival for other FCVs, including the Mirai from Toyota and the Tucson Fuel Cell from Hyundai.


Design and Features

The Clarity Fuel Cell, which comes in three colors: Premium Brilliant Garnet Metallic, White Orchid Pearl, and Crystal Black Pearl, has gained criticisms from people who say that its design is uninspired compared to other more stylish FCVs. But proponents point out that it’s exactly the beauty of the Clarity Fuel Cell that makes it a compelling FCEV. It looks like a normal five-seater sedan, so users won’t stick out like a sore thumb on the highway. Add this to the fact that the auto has excellent road performance, and there’s really no reason why people shouldn’t check it out.

One of the best parts about the Clarity Fuel Cell is its thinner fuel cells. Honda has come up with incredibly cells that are 20 percent thinner and have 30 percent smaller stack size. This is why, as mentioned above, the entire fuel cell system can be stored under the hood, leaving enough space for five people to sit comfortably. But the smaller size doesn’t impact the cells’ performance. The fuel cell still functions at 173bhp and has a maximum output of 105kW. It can also be paired with the Power Exporter 900, an external power output device that transforms the auto into a mobile generator and allows it to provide power to an average household for seven days.

Honda also designed the Clarity Fuel Cell to have a bigger hydrogen tank that can accommodate 5kg of fuel. This can take the auto up to around 750 kilometers or approximately 460 miles per full tank. This is more than enough for daily use and is usually enough for a long-distance road trip.


Cost and Target Audience

For now, Honda offers the Clarity Fuel Cell at 7,660,000 yen to Japanese corporate and government customers who are already familiar with fuel cell vehicles. The company will obtain user feedback, customer requests, and other data and, after a year, they’ll start selling the Clarity Fuel Cell to individual clients.

Honda is planning to offer the Clarity Fuel Cell to the UK where it’s said to be sold at around £60,000 as well as to the entire Europe before 2016 ends. The auto will also be available in the United States, where it will have a sale price of $60,000 (not including government rebates) and a lease price of less than $500. It’s important to note, though that the Clarity Fuel Cell will only be offered in certain parts in California. This comes from the fact that, out of the 22 public hydrogen stations in the U.S., 19 of them are located in the Golden State.


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