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Hydrogen Fueling Station Locator Maps

For those owning, leasing or test driving a hydrogen auto right now finding appropriate fueling stations can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, there are now three different resources that drivers in the U. S. can use to find hydrogen fuel near where they live and to where they wish to travel.

Resources from the National Hydrogen Association (NHA), Fuel Cells 2000 and the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) all show a list of U. S. hydrogen fueling stations and some of these resources include Canada and worldwide stations as well.

The NHA’s Hydrogen Fueling Station Database shows both operational and planned stations in the U. S. and Canada. All one needs to do is pick a country and a state and click the search button and a list will appear that will show location as well as whether this is a mobile or stationary fueling station (this resource is down right now).

The Fuel Cells 2000 resource is a PDF file containing all known worldwide hydrogen fueling stations. The categories are broken down by location (starting with the U. S. states), type of hydrogen fuel dispensed, project, partners in building the maintaining the station, dates that it was opened or upgraded or decommissioned, H2 production technique including electrolysis of water or reforming of natural gas, specifics and comments a few even include a photograph of the station.

The U. S. DOE has an that includes hydrogen as one of the fuels for which users can search. Simply click on the hydrogen box, input an address or zip code and mile radius and you’re set to see the hydrogen fueling stations in that area. The DOE resource even allows you to map a route or go to the Advanced Options tab and you’ll see that you can find the stations that take certain credit autods or other payment options. Public, private and planned hydrogen fueling stations are also listed.

has also put online their own alternative energy fueling station locator map. A person can select hydrogen stations and production facilities and see what is currently online in their areas.

On the map graphic on this page above, I’ve chosen to use the DOE resource to do a search that includes the hydrogen filling station in Irvine, California that I’ve talked about on another page and includes many photographs that I’ve taken of this location. Drivers of the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell (Project Driveway) and Honda FCX Clarity will be using the Irvine station for refueling.

A while back, I had talked with one of the fuel cell engineers from GM about mapping the U. S. fueling stations and he had mentioned including the various maps such as those listed on this page inside a vehicle global positioning system (GPS) so that drivers of hydrogen autos may quickly and easily find the nearest station as needed. This idea certainly has a lot of merit and will be welcomed by many future hydrogen auto drivers everywhere.

For the location of hydrogen fueling stations in Europe try this link. And here is another of H2 filling stations around the world.

Here is another resource. On the left side of the page under Fuel Type, check the Hydrogen box to see the results.

And a source for the California drivers is courtesy CaFCP –

Plus the California Fuel Partnership also dedicated to the status of the various H2 fueling stations:

Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola

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