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Giugiaro Vadho

Giugiaro Vadho

The Giugiaro Vadho hydrogen concept auto was unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Created by Italdesign, the Giugiaro Vadho embodies a futuristic aeronautic spirit rarely seen in any automobile, let alone a hydrogen auto.

2007 Giugiaro Vadho

Like a new offering from Hot Wheels or one of those futurist remote control autos one buys for the kids at Christmas time, the Giugiaro Vadho is powered by the same V-12 engine as the BMW Hydrogen 7 and uses BMW’s 7-speed SMG transmission.

The Giugiarò Vadho is a tandem two-seater, with both driver and rear passenger residing on the left side of the vehicle. No matter, though as the left side and right side, which contains the hydrogen ICE power train can be switched depending upon the country in which is being driven.

The Giugiarò Vadho, in its closed cockpit design, has futuristic ergonomically designed seats, contains two joysticks on the driver’s armrests and drive-by-wire technology that will make the gaming enthusiast feel right at home. The joysticks move back and forth on the armrest to assist the driver on curves and other challenging driving conditions.

But, the rear passenger need not worry about have joystick envy, because he or she also has a joystick used to control two monitors built into the back of the driver’s seat. The joystick controls the display of driver data also available on monitors accessible to the one in front. Data such as the view from cameras mounted on the sides and rear of the vehicle are shown to both driver and passenger.

The data can be used by the driver for parking, nighttime infrared driving, or interactive driving between auto and roadside infrastructure such as stoplights, when this infrastructure becomes available. This makes the Giugiarò Vadho a very smart auto indeed.

The The Giugiaro Vadho was also designed with safety in mind. Besides four-point seat belts, the vehicle has a roll bar that the glass cockpit dome attaches to and front and umbrella airbags as well. The Giugiaro Vadho also sports a new “G” logo that serves as the company’s new marketing signature.


Written by Hydro Kevin Kantola


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