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Women in Fuel Cells Network Launching

It’s no secret that engineering is still a male dominated profession. Women have tried to crack this “electric barrier” for years with only moderate success. In an attempt to break the “gas ceiling” along with the men, the Women’s Fuel Cell Network will be launching at the 30th Annual Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona (Oct. 27 – 30th, 2008).

One of the events at the expo will be the Women in Fuel Cells Luncheon, which will celebrate and acknowledge the contribution of females to the emerging fuel cell industry. Perhaps this will even help pave the way for many high school girls thinking of going into this profession in a few short years.

According to Fuel Cell Today, “The new organisation has been set up to foster the professional growth and leadership of women in the fuel cell industry, provide a forum for discussion of issues common to our members, and encourage scientists, engineers and professionals to pursue autoeers in hydrogen and fuel cells.”

There is also a Women in Fuel Cells group worth checking out. It is not only devoted to the science and engineering angle of developing fuel cells, but the marketing and deployment of fuel cells worldwide.

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