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U.S. Fuel Cell Council Seeks $1.2 Billion for Job Stimulus Package

The U. S. Fuel Cell Council is asking the Congress and new Obama administration for $1.2 billion to stimulate the hydrogen fuel cell industry and create high tech jobs. At stake are around 24,000 jobs that could be created in this narrow sector of the alternative energy field.

Most of the jobs would come from manufacturing and maintenance of fuel cells, hydrogen production, storage and distribution jobs as well. The fuel cells will be used in the transportation industry and beyond as stationary fuel cells that could be used for home and business power generation.

Of the money being asked from Congress, $180 million will be for the transportation industry including 100 hydrogen fuel cell buses. Another $100 million will be used to stimulate jobs in the fuel cell manufacturing industry including the supply chain.

According to the plan $65 million will go towards supporting the building of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Tax credits and cost sharing for hydrogen fueling stations would go a long way to developing the necessary nationwide infrastructure.

In fact, the plan also calls for a $3,000 per kw tax credit for homeowners to give them the same support businesses and industry have also been provided. A government stimulus package targeted towards the fuel cell industry will create new jobs, put people back to work and benefit consumers with valuable technology to create clean, green energy at home, in business and on the road.

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