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Entrepreneur Wants To Build Wind-To-Hydrogen Facility in Kansas

Thomas in Kansas sent me a few emails a couple of days ago. He is an entrepreneur who wants to build a wind-to-hydrogen facility from the ground up. I think the proposal is interesting so I’ve included it here.

Thomas: “I want to be the first to build a commercial sized hydrogen 2 fuel production facility using wind power for primary source of energy here in central Kansas before 2015. Do you have an s that would be interested in joining/assisting/funding this project?

I have been thinking about this for several years and my interest gained strength when I attended the National Hydrogen Association’s Annual Conference and Expo back in 2005. Since recent events I believe it is time to start in earnest my project with building a group of people to work on the project part or full-time. So, that planning and funding efforts can progress faster.

I envision this facility supporting Hydrogen 2 fueling stations along I-70 and I-135 in western half of Kansas. Those driving from Denver east and those from Kansas City west will need it because of the 500 miles between those 2 major cities and north/south Oklahoma north and Nebraska south along I-135. It could also supply non-farm and farm businesses with hydrogen 2. It will be as close of 100-percent green being built from nothing. We have a large wind farm under construction here with the capacity of more than doubling after phase 1 using existing land leases and licensing.”

I sent Thomas a list of resources and here was his reply:

Thomas: “Thanks for the information and suggestions! I have started to Kansas government officials via email.

Plus, one even more important thing, I will be getting into natural water management through the Kansas Water Board. Since water is the best single source for H2, it would only logical to work towards getting a reasonable piece of that limited resource. In Kansas and many other agricultural states, irrigation consumes around 90-percent of the available ground water. Drinking water 5-percent. That leaves all others about 5-percent.

I will keep you informed of my progress. I want my project, when completed, to be the model of future regional hydrogen 2 production facilities for states like Kansas. Owned and operated by non-oil companies.”

It’s good to see people at the grass roots level taking action on behalf of building the hydrogen transportation system of tomorrow. This is the only way hydrogen will take root, if it is built with the help of the grass roots.

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    Hi, looking to get in touch with Kansas entrepeneur, working for similar project in Wi. How do we get in touch?

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    If you email me through the Contact page of the regular I will forward the email.

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    Hey there, I used to live in Kansas, and if there is one place in the US that could support a wind into hydrogen facility, you chose the best spot! Good luck to you, and if you need a welder, I’d love to lend a hand 🙂

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    Hello, It is great to see others as enthusiastic as I am about promoting the hydrogen infrastructure. I am an entrepreneur with similar plans for the East coast. I have a marketing idea that will get people to want to use the technology and am currently working on a business plan to capture investors’ attention. Could you please provide me with similar resources as to who to and suggested plans of action? Thank you

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