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2010 Hydrogen Student Design Contest for Building an H2 Community

The 5th annual Hydrogen Student Design Contest has just been announced by the , which is the charitable arm of the National Hydrogen Association.

The theme of the contest is Designing a Hydrogen Community and this year’s graduate and undergraduate students will be challenged with the task of planning and designing the basic elements of a hydrogen community in Southern California.

Three key areas will be addressed by this contest including hydrogen production, early markets, and fueling stations. Students must come up with a means to supply the community with hydrogen, of which 33-percent or more must come from renewable resources.

Students must also come up with a market analysis to identify potential early adopters in their community for the hydrogen they will be producing. According to the , “Early markets for hydrogen include back-up power, portable power, and materials handling vehicles. Students will identify at least five businesses or other organizations in the community that could be customers for hydrogen in these early markets.”

The third and last challenge is for students use the “cluster model” for hydrogen fueling stations and plan and design such stations that meet customer demand. One would think that a college campus, corporate campus, business or governmental fleet or master planned home community would all be possibilities for such a project.

The winning team will present their findings before the experts who appear at the NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo on May 3-6, 2010 at Long Beach, CA.



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