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Buzz Aldrin Moonwalks Onto Neah Board, Backs Fuel Cells

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, best known for his 1969 moonwalk with Neil Armstrong (not Michael Jackson) has been named to the board of directors of Neah Power Systems, Inc. Neah is a leader in micro fuel cell technology for portable devices.

Buzz Aldrin is no stranger to fuel cells, either. The Apollo spacecraft he traveled on autoried three hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells that provided onboard power for the vessel. One of the Apollo fuel cells, which operated at temperatures of at least 400-degrees F is pictured at left.

Besides the Apollo spacecraft, the Gemini spacecraft also used hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells as well. These fuel cells operated at temperatures of around 150-degrees F and the only byproduct was heat and water. The water was so pure the astronauts used it for drinking.

In December 2007, Buzz Aldrin is planning on driving a hydrogen Hummer across the Antarctica with Apple Computer co-founder, Steve Wozniak. This hydrogen Hummer, however, will not be like the hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine General Motors H2H Hummer that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger drove to the Los Angeles International Airport in October 2004.

The hydrogen Hummer that Buzz Aldrin and Steve Wozniak will be driving is an H1 Hummer that will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The plan is to drive the H1 Hummer from McMurdo Station to the South Pole and catch the whole expedition on tape in 3D by famed film director James Cameron.

Well, that’s the latest buzz about Buzz and his involvement with hydrogen and fuel cells. Look for more info about the astronaut and the Apple guy to be forthcoming in the weeks and months to come.

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