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Brad Pitt Debuts BMW Hydrogen 7 at Movie Premiere

Brad Pitt has a new love in his life and that is the BMW Hydrogen 7 automobile. Yes, Brad and Angelina are still together but for one night Pitt preferred the company of the BMW Hydrogen 7 that he arrived in for the premiere of his new movie, Ocean’s 13. Pitt showed up in the luxury hydrogen auto at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California upstaging all the B-list actors who showed up in their eco-friendly Priuses.

But, Pitt isn’t the first Hollywood actor to promote the use of hydrogen autos as a way to clean up the environment and reduce dependence upon foreign fossil fuels. Yesterday, I blogged about how activist actress Q’orianka Kilcher is currently leasing a Honda FCX hydrogen auto, her first auto.

And, who can forget the 1978 video of Jack Nicholson sniffing the tailpipe of a Chevy, dubbed the H2-4, which had a modified internal combustion engine that ran on hydrogen. Even back then Jack was cool and way ahead of his time.

Over the past couple of years, the Toyota Prius had set the standard for eco-friendly Hollywood actors. Now, Brad Pitt has set the bar high with the BMW Hydrogen 7. I also found out from BMW spokesman Andreas Klugescheid that the BMW that Brad Pitt arrived in was not part of a lease agreement, yet. It was only a loaner for the evening.

Let’s see now how many other A-list Hollywood actors will be scrambling to get their mitts on and faces in one of these luxury hydrogen automobiles.

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