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Political issues involving hydrogen are discussed including the stance of leading politicians on the issue.

Hydrail’s “Golden Spike” moment: Berlin, 2016

by guest blogger, Stan Thompson Hydrail is the term of art for electrifying railways wirelessly by storing electrical energy onboard as hydrogen and reconverting it, via fuel cells, as needed to power electric traction motors. In Berlin, Germany, around noon on September 20, 2016, hydrail had its moment in history, reminiscent of May …

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Japan Offering $20,000 Subsidies for FCVs

As both Toyota and Honda are readying to rollout fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in 2015, the Japanese government has announced rebates of $20,000 USD per auto. So, for instance, a Toyota Mirai with a sticker price of $68,000 USD would actually cost around $48,000 USD in Japan. According to the …

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Japan Says All Ministries Must Use Fuel Cell Vehicles

On Friday, 07/25/2014, in Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga had stated that all official vehicles at the various ministries must be fuel cell vehicles. The government is also discussing subsidies to help promote the introduction of commercial fuel cell vehicles in that country. According to 4-Traders, “Toyota Motor Corp. …

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China: Choosing hydrail?

by Guest Blogger Stan Thompson A version of this post originally appeared January 12, 2014, in my Mooresville [NC] Tribune newspaper column. Last month, when China’s Jade Rabbit lunar explorer touched down on the moon, it may have given the world a hint about that country’s railroad vision. As the pundits observed, …

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H2USA Signals about Face for Obama on Hydrogen Cars

I’ve talked many times about the Obama White House’s less than enthusiastic stance on hydrogen autos, putting money behind battery electric vehicles instead. And I’ve even talked in recent months how the President is warming up and evolving on the idea of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a long range, …

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