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This category involves the myths surrounding hydrogen fuel and hydrogen autos.

Hydrail Transition: The Catenary versus the Hindenburg

by Guest Blogger Stan Thompson A headline in the January 2018 online issue of Britain’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers publication is the latest hydrail transition landmark: Transport Secretary calls for hydrogen trains Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said the introduction of hydrogen-powered trains is “a priority” for Britain’s railways. The …

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Hydrail at Davos: the “Hydrogen Council” on-track

by guest blogger, Stan Thompson Media covering the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week missed one of the biggest stories there.  The new Hydrogen Council announced at the Forum included Alstom Transport, the Paris-based train builder that’s sold 40-50 hydrail trains to four German states. Last year the German Federal …

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Top 5 Webpages Debunking the Hydrogen Car / Hindenburg Myth

The cause of the Hindenburg disaster was most likely a spark to the outer skin of the vessel. This has been well-publicized. Those critics and naysayers who continue to perpetuate the myth that the safety of hydrogen autos are akin to the Hindenburg are either fear-mongering or simply spreading ignorance. …

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EV Enthusiasts Check Out These 5 Hydrogen Car FACTS

Battery electric vehicle (BEV) diehards want to plug-in rather than fuel up. I get that. This blog post isn’t focused on the diehards but for the other EV enthusiasts who may be misinformed or misunderstand what hydrogen autos are. And this is also a blog pointed to the hybrid vehicle …

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