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Offers information on hydrogen hi-speed rail transportation.

United Hydrail Nations

by guest blogger Stan Thompson This update follows much farther behind the wonderfully successful 9th International Hydrail Conference in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (June 2014) than I had intended.  The reason is one I can’t regret: the cast of international players on the hydrail stage has grown so large, and there are so many  intertwining plots, that …

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Neumünster, Germany, Hosts 9th International Hydrail Conference

by guest blogger Stan Thompson Neumünster, in the Northern German State of Schleswig-Holstein, will host the Ninth International Hydrail Conference (“9IHC”) on 16-18 June this year (2014). This year’s registration details, presenters and agenda information appear on the Appalachian State University hydrail web site, German support for the Hydrail Conference has …

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Posted on September 2nd, 2012 By guest blogger, Stan Thompson According to Wikipedia, Willie Sutton claimed never to have said the words that elevated him in history from a habitual law-breaker to authorship of Sutton’s Law. Sutton was a notoriously successful bank robber—the original “Slick Willie.” His notoriety earned him …

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Hydrogen Hi Speed Rail Super Highway H2RSH Begins in West Java

I’ve talked several times in the past about hyrail (or the Hydrogen Hi-Speed Rail Super Highway “H2RSH” as some are now calling it) by Interstate Traveler. In my past conversations with hyrail’s creator Justin Sutton, he indicated that the first hydrogen high-speed rail system may actually begin somewhere in Indonesia, …

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