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Info about hydrogen planes, UAV and other aircraft.

Hydrail at Davos: the “Hydrogen Council” on-track

by guest blogger, Stan Thompson Media covering the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week missed one of the biggest stories there.  The new Hydrogen Council announced at the Forum included Alstom Transport, the Paris-based train builder that’s sold 40-50 hydrail trains to four German states. Last year the German Federal …

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Stratobus and Its High Flying Applications

On this Earth Day 2014, I thought it appropriate to talk about a fuel cell vehicle that observes the Earth. And that vehicle is the Stratobus, which is half-way between a satellite and a drone. The Stratobus concept, created by the Thales Group, is powered by solar and hydrogen fuel …

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Liquid Hydrogen Spy Drone Takes to the Air

The Boeing Phantom Eye is a large liquid hydrogen powered spy drone that took flight recently in California taking off and landing at Edwards Air Force Base near Bakersfield. The Phantom Eye has a wingspan larger than a 757 jetliner and can stay aloft for 4 days before refueling. The …

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Airplane Nose Wheel Power by Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Okay, so this story isn’t as exciting as one about a new hydrogen auto prototype or a hydrogen-powered airplane but it is significant nonetheless. DLR and Airbus have designed a hydrogen-powered nose wheel for a large aircraft for the purpose of taxiing around the Hamburg, Germany airport. The DLR A320 …

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Hydrogen Helicopter Dragonfly DF1 for Personal Transport

I’ve talked several times in the past about using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as clean, zero emissions fuel for all kinds of vehicles including autos, jetpacks, planes, trains and even spacecraft. A little earlier this year another vehicle came onto the scene which is a hydrogen peroxide powered personal helicopter. The …

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Boeing, Boeing Gone! Phantom Eye to the Sky

In March 2010 I had talked about the Phantom Eye HALE (high altitude long endurance) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Boeing that was getting ready to take to the skies. Now, Boeing has unveiled its hydrogen-powered aircraft. Due to a rapid prototyping method this behemoth of a UAV with …

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