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Hydrogen Safety

Discussion of hydrogen safety methods, protocols, tools, sensors and advice.

Hydrail Transition: The Catenary versus the Hindenburg

by Guest Blogger Stan Thompson A headline in the January 2018 online issue of Britain’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers publication is the latest hydrail transition landmark: Transport Secretary calls for hydrogen trains Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said the introduction of hydrogen-powered trains is “a priority” for Britain’s railways. The …

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Hydrogen Safety – There’s an App for That

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have created an iPhone and iPad app that features hydrogen safety. For those new to working with hydrogen, it will be helpful to have an app at their fingertips for quickly looking up safety information. According to PNNL, “Nick Barilo, the PNNL …

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Hydrogen Safety Challenged at CSA Testing Labs

Safety is the most important feature of any vehicle and hydrogen autos are no different. As alternative fuel vehicles penetrate the marketplace consumers are naturally skeptical of safety issues surrounding the new technology. This is where the CSA International testing labs step in. The CSA International testing labs are accustomed …

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Big Rig Carrying Hydrogen Catches Fire No Explosion

Here’s another story for all the naysayers, doomsdayers, end-of-worlders and Armageddon-ites when it comes to hydrogen. There was a big rig truck in Texas autorying compressed hydrogen gas that caught fire and partly burned. I say partly because the video shows the back end of the truck burned but not …

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Air Products Tests Hydrogen Pipeline Safety

Many people are afraid of hydrogen. When you ask random people what they know about hydrogen they will inevitably mention the hydrogen bomb and the Hindenburg accident. So, in order to counter this fear it is important to get the news out that yes, hydrogen is flammable and combustible like …

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