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Offers insights and information on developing hydrogen highway systems around the world.

Hygen Claims Hydrogen Fueling Station Awards Rigged

A company called Hygen Industries, which develops hydrogen fueling stations based upon renewable resources and on-demand electrolysis, is claiming that member companies in the California Fuel Cell Partnership are rigging the system in order to avoid competition. According to, “Major automakers conspired to eliminate competition in hydrogen refueling stations, …

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In U. S. and Europe Hydrogen Stations Have Doubled in 4 Years is reporting that 12 new hydrogen stations opened worldwide in 2011. The information comes from perusing the information on the website which keeps track of hydrogen fueling stations, opened, planned or closed globally. According to, “In 2011, worldwide, 12 new hydrogen fueling stations have been opened. This …

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Hyundai & Hydrogenics Ramping Up Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway

Hyundai-Kia has signed a memorandum of understanding to bring their hydrogen fueled vehicles to the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) the Icelandic New Energy project which includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. Mikael Sloth from SHHP states, “This MoU represents a significant step towards the ambition …

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Japan Full Steam Ahead on Hydrogen Cars

About a week ago I talked about Japan getting serious about hydrogen autos. Now they have just upped that commitment. First, 10 Japanese energy companies including automakers and gas suppliers have announced that they will put up 100 hydrogen fueling stations in Japan by 2015. Because of economies of scale, …

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The Netherlands and Denmark Leading Hydrogen Charge

The City of Arnhem in The Netherlands has opened up their first public hydrogen fueling station. The Netherlands also contains two other hydrogen fueling stations. Now this event may sounds like “Oh, yea, another hydrogen fueling station somewhere is opening up.” But on the grander scale this is much more …

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